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作者: 米 娅浏览: 时间: 2016-05-26

  There are all kinds of animals in the sea. Look! They are coming. This is an octopus. The octopus is spraying ink. This is a shark. The shark has sharp teeth. This is a whale. The whale shoots water into the air. This is a sea turtle. The sea turtle has a hard shell. These are starfishes. The starfishes have five legs. These are angelfishes. The angelfishes have beautiful colors. This is a lobster. The lobster has strong claws. This is a jellyfish. The jellyfish has a soft body. They are different. But all of them live in the sea.


  在海洋里有各种各样的动物。 看!他们过来了。 这是一条章鱼,章鱼在喷墨。 这是一条鲨鱼,鲨鱼有锐利的牙齿。 这是一只鲸鱼,鲸把水喷射到空中。 这是一只海龟,海龟有坚硬的壳。 这些是海星,海星有五条腿。 这些是扁蛟鱼,扁蛟鱼有美丽的花纹。 这是一只龙虾,龙虾有强壮的爪子。 这是一只水母,水母有一个柔软的身体。 他们各不相同,但他们都居住在海洋里。